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How To: Submit a Help Ticket

Coffee machine not working? Printer have a jam? Having an issue with submitting a new room booking? We are here to help! The easiest way to get assistance on any issue that may arise at the OCC is to submit a help ticket.

Let’s start by logging into the OCC Member Portal. Once signed in, you should automatically be on your Dashboard. If not, hover your mouse over the black bar with white icons on the right and click on the house icon.

Near the bottom right, you will see Open Tickets. All tickets submitted in the past will be visible here, and you can track their status. To submit a new ticket, click on the blue “Submit New Ticket” button.

A pop-up window will allow you to input ticket details. Start by adding in a title. This should be a short description of your issue or feedback topic. We will use the example of a broken coffee machine.

Next, you will select the category that best describes the topic of your ticket. You will be able to choose from three options. Feedback should be used when making a suggestion, sharing a positive experience at the OCC, or making a request for new amenities. Issue should be selected when requesting a repair to something at the OCC, reporting damaged equipment, or when sharing a negative experience. Software should be selected when you are having trouble with RnD. Continuing with the broken coffee machine example, we will choose “Issue” as the category.

Now we will assign the severity of the request. There are three options to choose from. Normal should be selected for all feedback submissions and anything that does not hinder or restrict your ability to perform work in The OCC, like a light bulb that has burnt out. Critical should be selected for any issue that needs to be checked as soon as possible but does not restrict your ability to perform work. An example of this would be low toner on the printer or if one of the outlets is not working. Restricted Operations should be reserved only for issues that need immediate attention and those that hinder your ability to perform work at The OCC.

Before submitting, add in any necessary details to help our staff address the issue. Be as descriptive as possible.

You may choose to add images or screenshots to help our staff identify the issue, but this is not required.

To complete your submission, click the blue “Report” button.

Once your ticket is submitted, a staff member will be alerted, and your feedback/issue will be addressed as soon as possible. You will be able to track our ticket’s status and view comments left by staff on your Dashboard.

As a reminder, we ask that you check out the How To’s section on RnD before submitting a ticket. These short step-by-step articles are an excellent tool for any member!