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How To: Become a Member of the OCC

So, you want to become a member of the OCC? Welcome!

We have a passion for bringing together like-minded and like-hearted businesses through abundant collaboration, and we have built a great tribe if we do say so ourselves.

Becoming a member is super easy!

The first step is to visit (look, you already did that!) and click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.

Click on “Sign Up” in the bottom right corner of the popup.

Choose your primary location by clicking the corresponding box and then click “Next”.

Add your preferred membership to your cart by clicking the blue plus sign button. Enter your preferred start date. Please note, price will reflect the prorated amount based off of our our monthly billing cycle.

Enter your email and create a password. Then scroll down to enter your full name, company, phone number and the website for your company if you have one. Once complete, click “Next”. 

Enter your payment information then click “Next”.

The last step is to click “Sign Up”.

Congratulations you are now a member! Someone from our team will be in touch via email after your membership has been processed with more information to help you get acquainted with the OCC and RnD (our co-working space software). In the meantime, you should download The OCC app