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Guidelines for ANTS Participation

  • Participants’ business must be a members in good standing with ANTS
  • Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis as applications are received.
  • Attendance is critical to each member of the group. When a member cannot attend a meeting, he/she should have someone represent him/her at the meeting on behalf o the business. Member businesses may have only up to two (2) absences every six months.
    • Businesses who have in excess of two (2) absences in six months will be provided a probation period for an additional six (6) months. If more than 2 (two) absences occur in the second six-month period, the business’ participation in ANTS will not be reinstated. 
  • A guest may attend no more than one meeting. No guest will be guaranteed a seat. Seats will be filled from applications only.
  • When there is no classification overlap, applications will be held in the order they were submitted for consideration for future openings.